Lider Forex

Why Lider forex?
You, the trader are the center of our universe at Lider Forex. As a result, we offer advantages that uniquely suited to your needs.
Simplicity: Lider Forex is designed for every level of Lider Forex’s trading experience, from novice to professional. Whether you trade in hundreds or millions of dollars, Lider Forex is the trading platform for you.

If you are new to the world of Forex trading, Lider Forex let you begin with no risky account. This account with all the live features is found on our robust full-featured trading platform. When you are ready to begin trading, you can open a Lider Forex account within minutes.

If you are an experienced trader, you will find Lider Forex platform easy to use and readily adaptable to your personal trading requirements.

•    Full Streaming Rates: Up to the millisecond streaming trading exchange rates 24- hours a day.
•    Wide range of currency pairs: 24- hour quotes for dozens of currency pairs.
•    CFDs on Commodities, Metals and Stock Indices: Diversify your trading portfolio by trading Oil, Gold, Silver, NASDAQ and much more.
•    Leverage Trading: You can trade with a leverage of up to 200:1- that means a greater opportunity to profit. (The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you).
•    Orders: Trade professionally with single-click market executions, or with double click market trading. Place Stop-Loses, Limits, O.C.O’s and more.

•    Professional Charts: easy to use, updated instantly, can save multiple charts on separate worksheets.
•    Technical Analysis: A wide variety of technical indicators available to help your decision making.
•    Updated Economic Calendar and Analysis: Follow the economic announcements, know when they are and what they are, and use Lider Forex’in daily commentary and analysis. So always stay ahead.

•    No Commissions or Fees: Our policy includes no deposit fees, no trading fees, no rollover fees, no margin call fees- no fees whatsoever.
•    24 Hour global support: With registered users in more than 120 countries around the globe, Lider Forex has cultivated a multi-national and cultural perspective on costumer service. Our multilingual support staff is available around the clock for any question or request.

•    On Line Protection: Lider deploys up to a 256-bit SSL encryption across the website. The True-Site identity assurance seal embedded with our Name/Date/Time stamp along AICPA Web-Trust compliance affords the best security for e-commerce available. In addition, the website is tested and certified daily to pass the McAfee Secure Security Scan (HackerSafe), helping protect the user from identity theft and credit card fraud.
•    Lider Forex is subsidiary of Swiss-based a big global finance company. Company accounts are audited by Ernst& Young quarterly and funds are kept in Citi Bank, one of the biggest banks of the world.

We are always trying to make our customers satisfied and to serve them privileged services in the Forex market which is operated over the immediate price changes. By offering our investors who have recently started to invest in the Forex very special new account bonus and the trend technology products such as iPad and iPhone. We enable them to take full advantages of the investment world. You could make profit from the price movements in both direction by starting today to invest in the world's biggest financial market through the Lider Forex's privileges.

As you can monitor the market instantly thanks to developed operation platforms, you can as well accelerate your investments in the right way thanks to free daily market analyses. You would visit our relating pages or connect our customer service representatives to be informed from our special offers in detail. For a detailed information about our special offers, you could visit the related pages on our website or contact our customer service representatives.

New Account Bonuses

We are trying to offer our customers the best bonus rates in the Forex market where you would make a profit from the price movements in both direction. We support your capital with very special bonuses ratio according to your investment amount. Through daily market analyses and free web seminars, we are always by your side so as for you to earn more and to be a conscious investor.
Join in the Lider Forex family right now and take advantage of the unique bonus offer.
You could contact our customer service representatives to obtain detailed information about our bonus offers. 
* Amount of bonus is based on the size and method of investment. 
* Lider Forex bonus’ conditions and rules apply. 
* For investments made by credit cards, the maximum bonus amount is $100. 
* For investments of $25,000 or more, there will be a reduction of one pip in a major parity to be selected by the customer himself.
For example, when EUR/USD is selected, 1 pip reduction is applied to the buy-sell difference.


ROBOFOREX LP ("RoboForex") offers a broad access to trading in world financial markets. Clients of the RoboForex have full range of financial instruments at their disposal: currency, stocks, metals, futures, etc. See the full list of financial instruments in the Contract Specifications section.
At RoboForex, you may select from a wide range of trading accounts. Every RoboForex trader is able to find the terms that meet his personal trading strategy.

Online Forex Trading

The goal of the RoboForex is to provide quality services at the international Forex online market. A great variety of Forex trading accounts (from Micro accounts to professional ECN ones provided by the Integral and Currenex), a convenient Live Account, the full-featured MetaTader4 trading terminal, a wide range of trading instruments (currency, raw material, gold, oil, shares, futures CDFs), and a high quality of deals – all these factors allow our clients to implement any type of trading strategies. Just give orders and leave everything else to the RoboForex!

Offers, Services and Bonuses for our Clients!

The RoboForex provides quality services in online forex trading, we’re constantly on the move by dynamically improving our existing offers and services and launching new ones which can be very useful to our clients and partners in their everyday work.
In this section you can learn about a wide range of our existing offers, services, bonuses, and our future services which are now under construction as well.

Existing offers and services

  • Live Account – our clients’ most important tool that allows them to withdraw funds form the account, change personal information, view transaction history, change the leverage, etc. 
  • Deposit/Withdraw – more than 10 different ways to deposit/withdraw the account. Almost all of the payment systems work automatically and we compensate our clients the commission of payment systems. 
  • $15 No Deposit Bonus – an opportunity which allows rookie traders to try online trading, and professional ones to try testing the trading conditions offered by RoboForex!
  • Forex «Rebates» - a service which allows our clients to decrease spread (Fix accounts) or commission (Pro accounts).
  • Forex Contests – a great opportunity for rookie traders to test trading using demo accounts without any risk of losing their own money, and professional traders to test their trading strategies and improve their skills.
  • Swap-Free accounts - The RoboForex, being in a state of permanent improvement and development in order to decrease traders’ expenses when trading at the international financial markets, introduces Swap-Free feature to all types of accounts.
  • «Mobile Forex» Service - is of a great help to all our clients while they are away from their personal computer or laptop.
  • «One Click Trading» Service - allows you to run trading operations with just one click and simplifies operations accomplishment!

Future Services

  • “Mobile Trading” - a unique service, which will provide you an opportunity to open, close and change orders on your trading account by using any mobile phone, smartphone or PDA with an Internet connection running Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone operating systems.
  • “Monitoring” - a service which allows you to publish results of your trade on our website. By doing this, you can attract a lot of attention not only from our clients, but from prospective investors as well.

      RoboForex Regulation

      Financial Services Complaints
      RoboForex Membership number 4148
      ROBOFOREX LP is a member of Financial Services Complaints Ltd. FSCL is an independent not-for-profit External Dispute Resolution (EDR) scheme approved by the Minister for Consumer Affairs under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008. It was the first Scheme to be approved and has been designed for and in consultation with the Financial Services Industry and has been built on principles of efficiency and effectiveness. It is governed by an independent Board with equal consumer and industry representatives. FSCL provides dispute resolution services to participating financial service providers (FSPs) and their clients.

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    Minimum initial deposit

    The LiteForex project offers you the unique opportunity to enter the Forex trading market with just $10.  All transactions on LITE group accounts are effected in US cents, so if you are a beginner, you can learn to manage large amounts of money, and if you are a professional - you can test you trading systems with the minimal expenses.

    Wide range of trading instruments

    LiteForex group of companies helps its clients access precious metals market, stock market, futures market and currency market and provides the traders a wide range of trading instruments to operate at any financial market.

    Fixed and floating bid/ask spreads

    Depending on trading account, LiteForex group of companies offers fixed (starting from three pips) and floating (starting from zero pips) spreads at all the trading instruments.

    Several Forex account types

    LiteForex group of companies offers traders a choice of three trading accounts that correspond to their Forex trading strategy and financial skills:  The LITEForex (for forex trading beginners, but can also be used by traders who wish to test their mechanical trading systems), REALForex (for professional Forex traders who have sufficient experience working with large funds), Floating Spread (for traders who prefer trading with a changing spread value).   Getting informed with the comparative characteristics of trading conditions, each LiteForex client can choose the most suitable one.
    Besides, LiteForex clients can open multicurrency and swap-free accounts.

    Swap-free trading accounts

    LiteForex group of companies provides services for opening Swap-free accounts which is very popular among the clients who do not use swaps due to their religious convictions.  Swap-free accounts system does not consider the effect of swap when a position is passed to the following day and maintains all trading advantages of LITEForex, REALForex and Floating Spread accounts.  Swap-free accounts is a convenient financial instrument which helps the clients of LiteForex group of companies in all the countries, including the Islamic ones, enjoy liberty to manage their own accounts. 

    Multicurrency trading accounts

    Mutlicurrency trading accounts of LIteForex group of companies help clients open deposits simultaneously in different currencies:  RUR, USD, CHF or EURO.  If you deposit your resources on multicurrency accounts, you protect yourself from acute fluctuations of currency rates and can freely convert you resources on specific deposits, changing their proportion to your benefit.

    Commission-free Forex trading

    Irrespective of the type of account, LiteForex clients make transactions without any additional commission for trading operations.

    Calculation of interest on ready cash

    LiteForex group of companies calculates 3.5% commission for ready cash on REALForex-type accounts and on affiliates' accounts.

    Automatic order execution

    All the orders of LiteForex clients are processed automatically due to trading systems and automatic hedging technology, exluding participation of dealer in trading operations.

    Instant Execution technology

    Instant execution technology applied in LiteForex group of companies enables a trader to open and close transactions by the price displayed on the monitor, without any preliminary quotes requests to enter the market.

    Instant replenishment of the trading account

    Due to the automated process of replenishment of the trading account and wide variety of payment systems used in the company, the resources of LiteForex clients are sent to the trading account immediately after replenishment.

    Trading platforms МТ4 and МТ5

    LiteForex group of companies provide the most popular trading platform MetaTrader4 and the leading innovation "MetaQuotes Software Corp.", the updated version of trading terminal MetaTrader5.

    5 dedicated Forex trading servers

    In order to provide fast communication between the client's trading terminal, LiteForex group of companies provides for five dedicated Forex trading servers for the international market:, and, (for REALForex, LITEForex Floating Spread accounts, respectively) and demo-account server.

    Qualified support and consulting 24/5

    The clients of LiteForex group of companies can benefit from 24-hour technical support.  Qualified personnel provide with qualified online consulting in all possible issues.

    Bonuses and demo-contests with real awards

    LiteForex regularly realize promotions and demo-contests with real awards, and clients taking part in them get sufficient bonuses on their deposit.

    MultiRebate spread return program

    Innovative MultiRebate service provides for additional profit for all LiteForex clients and affiliates.  Unique service means the possibility of additional earnings due to return of part of spread.

    Professional partnership cooperation

    LiteForex group of companies provides for cooperation with single-minded people who want to run their business attracting clients and partners and presents programs "Bring your friend", "Internet-partner", "Regional representative" and "White Label".

    Representative offices in key regions and countries

    LiteForex brand takes leading position on the global Forex stage, successfully expanding to key regions and countries, where a lot of representative offices are established.  The reliable broker reputation is a basic factor which attracts new clients for long-term cooperation.  Presently, traders from 191 countries use the primary conditions of LiteForex and all the benefits of the company. Web site and «LiteForex» project were launched in May of 2005. Placing financial instruments on the Forex international market, on world Stock Markets, on precious metals and Futures markets as well as providing brokerage services are among the basic activity directions of LiteForex group of companies.
    LiteForex"LiteForex" trade mark was registered in 2005 in "United States Patent and Trademark Office".  LiteForex brand is world famous.

    The basic aim of LiteForex group of company activity is high level of service.  Company's activity is concentrated on balanced and optimal package of services for trading at financial markets for each clients - both the beginners, and the professionals.
    At the very start of activity, LiteForex specialists analyzed situation on Internet-trading market and concluded that for the majority of clients, the level of access to financial market for each client is too high.  This analysis resulted in innovation solution - cent type of account, thus making the Forex market accessible for many thousands of people.  Today, this idea is broadly used by many broker companies.
    LiteForexPresently, LiteForex brand takes leading position on the global Forex stage, successfully expanding to key regions and countries.  The number of constant clients is constantly increasing.  About 300 trading acconts are opened in the company every day.  The reliable broker reputation is a basic factor which attracts new clients for long-term cooperation. About 300,000 traders have used the company services since it was launched.
    The company deserved impeccable reputation due to high-qualified specialists and management.  Today, the main factors that LiteForex team's work is based on are professional experience and knowledge, constant striving towards improvement of services, regular implementation of new ideas and actual projects, client-oriented approach.

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    Bloombex Options

    Bloombex Options is a professionabinary options trading platform. Made to be easy, fast and secure our platform Is the best choice for online financial traders today.

    Maximizing profits is easy with Bloombex Options. You get customized features which allow you to stay atop each trade you make. Our platform allows you to trade on the largest selection of assets from different financial markets, such as  Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex.

    Get accurate, to the point, financial tips and information. Place an educated trade according to the powerful market analysis, news, tutorials, tools and 24/7 support which is made accessible to you only by Bloombex Options.

    Our Advantages are Unsurpassed:
    •             1. Easy trading platform.
    •             2. Cutting edge financial tools.
    •             3. Personal account manager just for you!
    •             4. Largest selection of assets to trade on.
    •             5. No Download necessary.
    •             6. Biggest return on investment offers at the shortest amount of time possible today.

    Bloombex Options offers you  Simple > Fast > Secure In the Money Trading

    Start trading Binary Options with Bloombex Options
    Deposit information
    Bloombex's goal is to provide the best possible service in managing your trading account. Every deposit and withdrawal will appear in your Account Statement on your Trading Platform. You will also receive a confirmation message for each of your transactions.

    Credit Card/Debit card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Solo, Switch, Maestro, JCB, Delta.
    There are no fees on deposits using a credit card.

    PayPal -PayPal allows members to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. With more than 94 million active accounts in 190 markets and 24 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce. 
    There are no fees on deposits using PayPal.

    MoneyBookers - MoneyBookers offers you a cost effective and secure way to withdraw payments online. The transactions are done in real-time. MoneyBookers welcomes members from anywhere in the world, with no restrictions.
    There are no fees on deposits using Moneybookers.

    Liberty Reserve - Liberty Reserve is a convenient and highly secure online payment method. Their irrevocable payment system and digital currency make them one of the safest and most popular options. You can send and receive money with ease. However, there are some small extra fees for their widely used services.
    There are no fees on deposits using Liberty Reserve.

    Wire Transfer - The main advantage of wire transfers is that there is no need to open any accounts with a third-party. Yet, these operations usually carry a fee charged by the bank. Also, keep in mind that it might take up to 5 days for the funds to appear in your account. Please note that a minimum of $250 (or its Euro equivalent) is required for all wire transfers.
    There are no fees on deposits using a wire transfer.

    Depositing with PayPal:

    In order to deposit via PayPal into your Bloombex Account please follow the instructions below.
    Please include your Bloombex ID when you deposit via the PayPal site!


    STEP 1:
    Go to and login to your account

    STEP 2:
    Send the amount (USD or EUR) to the Bloombex PayPal account.
    For USD or EUR send to
    Don't forget to include your Bloombex ID in the explanation notes or email subject.

    STEP 3:
    Send a notification email to our finance team ( in order to speed up the deposit process.

    Processing may take one business day to complete the deposit.

    Note: No fees are charged on deposits, 3.4%+0.5SGD fee on withdrawals via Paypal.

    Depositing with MoneyBookers:

    In order to deposit via MoneyBookers into your Bloombex Account please follow the instructions below.
    Please include your Bloombex ID when you deposit via the MoneyBookers site!

    STEP 1:
    Go to and login to your account

    STEP 2:
    Send the amount (USD or EUR) to the Bloombex MoneyBookers account.
    For USD send to
    For EUR send to
    Don't forget to include your Bloombex ID in the explanation notes or email subject.

    STEP 3:
    Send a notification email to our finance team ( in order to speed up the deposit process.

    Processing may take one business day to complete the deposit.
    MoneyBookers is an e-wallet payment solution enabling international transfers between account holders. 
    If you would like to open a MoneyBookers account please go to and signup now.

    Note: No fees are charged on deposits, 3% fee on withdrawals via MoneyBookers.

    Depositing with Liberty Reserve:

    In order to deposit via Liberty Reserve into your Bloombex Account please follow the instructions below.
    Please include your Bloombex ID while you deposit via the Liberty Reserve site!

    STEP 1:
    Go to and login to your account

    STEP 2:
    Send the amount (USD or EUR) to the Bloombex Liberty Reserve account (Account number: U9273594).
    Don't forget to include your Bloombex ID in the memo section.
    STEP 3:
    Send a notification email to our finance team ( in order to speed up the deposit process.

    Processing may take one business day to complete the deposit.
    Liberty Reserve is an e-wallet payment solution enabling international transfers between account holders.

    If you would like to open a Liberty Reserve account please go to and signup now.
    Note: No fees are charged on deposits, 1 % fee on withdrawals via Liberty Reserve.

    Wire Transfer Instructions:

    Please note that a minimum of $250 (or its Euro equivalent) is required for wire transfers

    Bank Name: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG
    Bank Address: Am Stadtpark 9, A - 1030 Vienna, Austria
    BLZ: 31000
    Account Beneficiary: Bloombex Ltd.

    EUR Account number: 1-54.186.648
    EUR IBAN: AT88 3100 0001 5418 6648

    USD Account number: 70-54.186.648
    USD IBAN: AT20 3100 0070 5418 6648

    Withdrawal information

    Withdrawals must be made via the same payment method through which the funds were deposited. We aim to withdraw your funds within 48 hours from receiving your documentation (it may take up to 7 business days). To withdraw your funds, first provide us with copies/scans of the following documents:

    1. The Bloombex-Options Withdrawal Form click here.
    2. Identification (Passport or Driver’s License).
    3. Proof of Address (either Utility Bill or Bank Statement).
    4. Account Number - if applicable.
    5. Credit Card copies of both sides (back and front) - if applicable.
    Documents should be sent to - or faxed to +65 67 250 706

    Withdrawal fees:

    Credit card - 3.5% fee on Withdrawals 
    PayPal - 3.4%+ 0.5SGD fee on Withdrawals 
    Moneybookers - 3% fee on Withdrawals 
    Liberty Reserve - 1% fee on Withdrawals 
    Wire Transfer - 15 USD fee on Withdrawals

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