Lider Forex

Why Lider forex?
You, the trader are the center of our universe at Lider Forex. As a result, we offer advantages that uniquely suited to your needs.
Simplicity: Lider Forex is designed for every level of Lider Forex’s trading experience, from novice to professional. Whether you trade in hundreds or millions of dollars, Lider Forex is the trading platform for you.

If you are new to the world of Forex trading, Lider Forex let you begin with no risky account. This account with all the live features is found on our robust full-featured trading platform. When you are ready to begin trading, you can open a Lider Forex account within minutes.

If you are an experienced trader, you will find Lider Forex platform easy to use and readily adaptable to your personal trading requirements.

•    Full Streaming Rates: Up to the millisecond streaming trading exchange rates 24- hours a day.
•    Wide range of currency pairs: 24- hour quotes for dozens of currency pairs.
•    CFDs on Commodities, Metals and Stock Indices: Diversify your trading portfolio by trading Oil, Gold, Silver, NASDAQ and much more.
•    Leverage Trading: You can trade with a leverage of up to 200:1- that means a greater opportunity to profit. (The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you).
•    Orders: Trade professionally with single-click market executions, or with double click market trading. Place Stop-Loses, Limits, O.C.O’s and more.

•    Professional Charts: easy to use, updated instantly, can save multiple charts on separate worksheets.
•    Technical Analysis: A wide variety of technical indicators available to help your decision making.
•    Updated Economic Calendar and Analysis: Follow the economic announcements, know when they are and what they are, and use Lider Forex’in daily commentary and analysis. So always stay ahead.

•    No Commissions or Fees: Our policy includes no deposit fees, no trading fees, no rollover fees, no margin call fees- no fees whatsoever.
•    24 Hour global support: With registered users in more than 120 countries around the globe, Lider Forex has cultivated a multi-national and cultural perspective on costumer service. Our multilingual support staff is available around the clock for any question or request.

•    On Line Protection: Lider deploys up to a 256-bit SSL encryption across the website. The True-Site identity assurance seal embedded with our Name/Date/Time stamp along AICPA Web-Trust compliance affords the best security for e-commerce available. In addition, the website is tested and certified daily to pass the McAfee Secure Security Scan (HackerSafe), helping protect the user from identity theft and credit card fraud.
•    Lider Forex is subsidiary of Swiss-based a big global finance company. Company accounts are audited by Ernst& Young quarterly and funds are kept in Citi Bank, one of the biggest banks of the world.

We are always trying to make our customers satisfied and to serve them privileged services in the Forex market which is operated over the immediate price changes. By offering our investors who have recently started to invest in the Forex very special new account bonus and the trend technology products such as iPad and iPhone. We enable them to take full advantages of the investment world. You could make profit from the price movements in both direction by starting today to invest in the world's biggest financial market through the Lider Forex's privileges.

As you can monitor the market instantly thanks to developed operation platforms, you can as well accelerate your investments in the right way thanks to free daily market analyses. You would visit our relating pages or connect our customer service representatives to be informed from our special offers in detail. For a detailed information about our special offers, you could visit the related pages on our website or contact our customer service representatives.

New Account Bonuses

We are trying to offer our customers the best bonus rates in the Forex market where you would make a profit from the price movements in both direction. We support your capital with very special bonuses ratio according to your investment amount. Through daily market analyses and free web seminars, we are always by your side so as for you to earn more and to be a conscious investor.
Join in the Lider Forex family right now and take advantage of the unique bonus offer.
You could contact our customer service representatives to obtain detailed information about our bonus offers. 
* Amount of bonus is based on the size and method of investment. 
* Lider Forex bonus’ conditions and rules apply. 
* For investments made by credit cards, the maximum bonus amount is $100. 
* For investments of $25,000 or more, there will be a reduction of one pip in a major parity to be selected by the customer himself.
For example, when EUR/USD is selected, 1 pip reduction is applied to the buy-sell difference.


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